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Dermaplaning – $75

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Add Mini Facial or Peel for only $35 

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that is a great choice to work on scars, fine line and wrinkles, pigmentation or texture of the skin. The procedure will be performed by an experienced skin therapist who uses a blade to gently exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells and remove fine facial hair (peach fuzz). Your skin will instantly feel and look fresh, radiant and smoother.

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive, medical aesthetic procedure that utilizes a manual method of exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair. Also referred to as epidermal leveling,dermaplaning may instantly help to brighten a dull complexion and improve skin texture and tone so that your skin looks and feels fresh and radiant. 

The procedure is 5 times more efficient at epidermal exfoliation than microdermabrasion and does not cause superficial irritation that is often associated with other exfoliation techniques. Used on it's own or in combination with other treatments such as facials and chemical peels, dermaplaning is an excellent choice to include in a personalized treatment plan to improve the health of your skin.


Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Increases the skin’s ability to absorb products better

Reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmentation

Stimulate Circulation

Improves hydration

Can be used in combination with chemical peels, Photo facials and other facial treatments

Dermaplaning triggers a higher rate of cellular turnover and an increase in the production of collagen.